Man: Hi Amanda.
Girl: Hello Uncle John.
Man: I’m calling to ask if you would like to see an open air play in Central Park during your stay with us?
Girl: That would be great! I love theatre.
Man: The performance is on Saturday.
Girl: Excellent! I’m coming on Tuesday and I don’t have any plans for the weekend.
Man: The play is really popular. It starts at eight. But we have to be there at least two hours earlier.
Girl: OK, so we need to be there at six o’clock. Are we going to the park by car?
Man: I don’t think so, there are very few parking spaces there. It will be better to go by bus.
Girl: Fine. But what if it starts to rain during the performance?
Man: The play will go on even if it does. So remember to bring a raincoat. They won’t let us in with umbrellas.
Girl: OK, I will.
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