Zadanie 1.

Tekst 1.

Man: Olivia, do you need anything from here?
Girl: Yes, Dad, a cake for Mother’s Day.
Man: OK. Which one do you like?
Girl: The one with “Happy Birthday” on top looks nice. What a pity we can’t change the words.
Man: You’re right, but the cake with oranges and strawberries looks great, too!
Girl: Oranges aren’t Mum’s favourite fruit. Look at the cake in the shape of a heart. Let’s get that one.
Man: Yes. I’m sure Mum will like it.
Girl: I think so too. Dad, can we also go to the shop next door and buy some fruit to decorate the table?

Tekst 2.

Girl: Gosh, it’s so late. The castle closes in three hours. Why didn’t we go by bike?
Boy: Because the radio said it was going to rain, remember?
Girl: I know, but it isn’t raining after all. And now we are stuck in a traffic jam. All the seats are taken and we have to stand in a crowd of people. Let’s get off and go the rest of the way on foot.
Boy: Forget it, it’s too far to walk.

Tekst 3.

Girl: Nice hiking boots, Kevin.
Boy: Oh thanks Natalie, I bought them for the trip to the mountains. They’re super comfortable.
Girl: Where did you buy them?
Boy: Not far from here. Why?
Girl: Maybe they’ve got some boots in my size, too.
Boy: I’m sure they will. Let’s leave now and we can stop there on our way.
Girl: Great idea! Hurry up, then.
Boy: Wait, I need to take my keys because Mum is at work today. Have you seen them?
Girl: They’re over there, on the shelf.

Tekst 4.

Boy: Yesterday I ate some crisps and got a stomach ache, so I had to go home before maths.
Girl: Oh! Great that you are better today. So, didn’t you do the test?
Boy: No. Actually, my class didn’t have a test at all because our teacher was also sick.
Girl: Is she better now?
Boy: I hope so. We’re having a food festival this afternoon and we need her help.

Tekst 5. 

Woman: Where are you, James? Are you all right? You should be home already. I’ve just heard on the news that there has been an accident nearby. A police car and an ambulance went down our street. I’m really anxious. Please ring me back.
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