Zadanie 2.

Wypowiedź 1.

Boy: When I heard that my favourite band would be playing in Manchester, I immediately decided to go and see them. The only way to get a ticket was to log on to the concert website. But so many people were trying to visit the site, that it stopped working. When I tried to log on the next day, I saw that all the tickets had already been sold out.

Wypowiedź 2.

Girl: Last month I found a beautiful sweatshirt on the Internet. I chose the size and colour. Then I paid for it. When the package arrived, I realized that I had chosen the wrong item! It was a sweatshirt from the men’s collection! Luckily, I was able to return it and get my money back.

Wypowiedź 3.

Man: Last year I was looking at second-hand electric guitars on a website. To my surprise, I found my first ever guitar there, which I had sold in 2005! I got so excited that I bought it for my son! The price was definitely too high for an old used guitar, and there are some technical problems with it but I’m happy that my son has it now.

Wypowiedź 4.

Woman: Once, I bought cosmetics on the Internet. After a week I called the online shop and asked what had happened to my parcel, but they didn’t know. Two days later, my son found a box in our garden, under a bush. It turned out that the courier had left the parcel there without telling me.
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