Zadanie 3.  

Woman: Jonathan, you have a pet skunk. That’s quite unusual. Wouldn’t you prefer a dog or a cat?

Boy: Actually, I dreamed of getting a rabbit for my birthday but my dad said that rabbits are boring and he bought me a skunk instead. Now I don’t want any other animal.

Woman: Is it easy to keep the skunk happy and active?

Boy: Well, he runs around the whole house, but he also likes spending time outside. I take him for a long walk every morning and every afternoon.

Woman: Do pet skunks need special food?

Boy: Not really, wild skunks eat mice and insects. But I give eggs and fruit to my skunk.

Woman: Does your skunk know any tricks?

Boy: Sure, skunks are very intelligent. Mine is perfect at opening doors. He is also trying to catch tennis balls but he’s not able to do that yet. Anyway, we both have a lot of fun spending time together!
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